Colonial Period

The Money Museum contains the historic 1831 Check that helped build America!

The Money Museum contains money which was designed and printed by Benjamin Franklin’s company (Hall & Sellers).

The Money Museum contains money signed by John Read who was the father of Declaration of Independence signer George Read.  John Read was the Father-in-law to Benjamin Franklin.  Read’s daughter, Deborah Read Franklin, was Benjamin Franklin’s wife.

Civil War

The Money Museum contains money issued by the North and the South during the war between the states - including railroad notes from the Western and Atlantic Railroad (currently CSX).  This money has the emblem of the train that was used during the great train race.

The Money Museum contains fractional currency issued during the Civil War due to shortages of metals for coins by both the North and the South.

The Money Museum contains script once believed to be owned by William Sherman and issued from his hometown of Lancaster, Ohio.This script was used for mostly surveying purposes.

The Money Museum contains an original example of a Civil War note that was found in the pocket of President Abraham Lincoln at the time of his death!

National Banking

The Money Museum contains Atlanta Bank and Atlanta and Lowry Bank notes.  These famous Banks were part of the merger which included the formulation of Coca Cola under the leadership of Philanthropist Robert Woodruff.  These banks later became First Atlanta, Wachovia and Wells Fargo.

World War II

The Money Museum contains money issued to solders in Pearl Harbor and North Africa during World War II (stamped with Hawaii on the front and back).

Silver and Gold Period

The Money Museum contains rare examples of Silver Certificate paper money as well as Gold Certificate paper money with real gold coins included.

Federal Reserve Period

The Money Museum contains notes printed before and after the phrase ‘In God We Trust” was added.

The Money Museum contains an original example of money that was retrieved from the famous Titanic ship.


The exhibit contains Memorials commemorating Stone Mountain, Famous Battlefields, World War II, Revolutionary War Heroes, Korean War Heroes, Famous Presidents, etc.  From the words of Joshua Chamberlain, poet, “ In great deeds, something abides; on great fields, something stays;forms change and pass- bodies disappear; but spirits linger to consecrate ground for the vision place of souls.”

 These are just a few of the highlights of this world famous exhibit which has been featured in many museums in the Southeast.  The America’s Historic Currency Exhibit™ is now available on DVD.  

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Tour Schedule

Buckhead 50 Club
Atlanta, Georgia
February 14, 2017

Buckhead 50 Club
Atlanta, Georgia
March 14, 2017

Atlanta Preservation Center
Atlanta, Georgia
March 25, 2017

Historic Oakland Foundation
Atlanta, Georgia
October  2018

Buckhead 50 Club

Atlanta, Georgia

November 6, 2018

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Atlanta Preservation Center
Atlanta, Georgia
March 2019

Atlanta Preservation Center

Atlanta, Georgia 

March 2020

Highlights of America’s Historic Currency Exhibit


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