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SERS© (Search Engine Results Score) Knowledge Quest (history game) sponsored by America’s Historic Currency Exhibit™ and developed by John Thomas Williams.

Because of the tremendous worldwide response to our  article “
The Check that helped build America©”, millions are enjoying this free history game called SERS© (Search Engine Results Score). Currently, the highest score in the world exceeds eight billion. In order to determine your SERS© score, you  only need to start at the search engine containing the official SERS© phrase “The check that Helped build America© by John Thomas Williams”.   Use this Google link to start:  

There are a few rules:

1. You must use at least three words in the search engine to qualify for results/ points. Start at the link proved above
 (search engine containing the official SERS© phrase "The check that helped build America© by John Thomas Williams").  This will earn you approx. 60,000,000 free points/results (please note that these points/results will fluctuate- desktop view only)

2. You can only use these points if the term “The Check that helped build America© appears on the first page of the search engine results. If this term appears on line one of the first page©, you will receive a bonus of 10,000,000 points. Your score is now 70,000,000 results/points (desktop view only).

3. As an additional hint, if you use the name “John Thomas Williams” in your search, you will need to add an additional word from the article name to assure that the term “The Check that helped build America©”appears on the page results (i.e.
John Thomas Williams check
). This gives you an additional 132,000,000 results/points plus an additional bonus of 10,000,000  because the phrase appears on line one of the results. You now have a total of 212,000,000 results/points. Continue to scramble, as much as needed, to increase your total score. 

4. On your last and most important hint, you may combine your results from the top two search engines below to establish your final score!

Scores will fluctuate based on the time of day and your search engine selection, because the search engine results are based on daily volume for a specific time. Your score could actually increase or decrease daily!

@ bonus is earned only if the phrase” the check that helped build America© appears on the first line of the results.  The bonus will double to 20,000,000 if the phrase appears more than 2 times on a page!

 *  SE Results/Points appear on Desktop view only. 

Continue to scramble, as much as needed, to increase your total score.   Although we suggest the use of multiple search engines to compute your score, you are allowed to combine the points/results from the top two search engines to determine your Total Score.  If you do not see any results, you are allowed to

use the term linkedin to identify the article.  Please share with your friends and associates.  You can share electronically or just say the word "historydvd.org" in your cell phone.

1. Google (recommended)









Scores will fluctuate based on the time of day, because search engine results are based on daily volume for a specific time. Your score could actually increase or decrease daily!

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SERS©  Official Phrase is “The check that helped build America© by John Thomas Williams”.

Word Combinations                        SE Results/Points *          Bonus @              Total Score

(The check that helped                       130,000,000                10,000,000         140,000,000

John Thomas Williams)

(John Thomas Williams check)      132,000,000                10,000,000         142,000,000

Total Score                                                                                                                            282,000,000

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